When you are using Google Chrome in multiple computers and in different platforms, i.e., Windows, Linux, or Mac, Xmarks Bookmark Sync is an extension that you must have installed in Chrome. Xmarks will detect the already synced bookmarks available online and asks you whether to combine them. 3. Do a force upload of bookmarks to Xmarks (in other words clear the bookmarks list on the servers). It seems like an essential feature now, but when XMarks was introduced back in 2006 browser bookmark search was non-existent.

There are separate versions for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. At present, Xmarks has 1.2 billion bookmarks, up from about 100 million in 2007, said Penny Campbell, the company's vice president of engineering. With Xmarks you can change settings so that it synchronizes when you close your browser as well as enable or disable automatic syncing.

We could also keep all the Xmarks bookmarks online, making no changes to those, and then discard additional items in Chrome that are not in Xmarks. This is terrible news because, Xmarks was unique in the way that it synced bookmarks across different browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Apple Safari, making it a cross platform service, just like LastPass.

Xmarks will also help you to keep your passwords synchronized and backed up across multiple browsers or computers. This time a snag I've been having with bookmark synchronization in Chrome finally came to a boil and I thought I'd share how I addressed the issue.

How can you run and manage Xmarks to make sure all your browser bookmarks stay in sync? Firefox 56.x and Firefox ESR users should consider installing the previous version of Xmarks for the time being. The other features that Xmarks boasts is the ability to sync password's and history.

NOTE: Xmarks sync services may shut down on January 10, 2011. It seems, that Xmarks (2) has no real competitor concerning the cross-browser-bookmark-synchronization-abilities. Xmarks (was FoxMarks) is a very handy bookmark synchronization tool that resolves this issue.

Firefox Sync (3) does not work with Chrome or IE, Chrome Sync (4) does not work with firefox or IE, and Windows Live Essentials Sync Program is not compatible with FireFox or Chrome. More than this, the tabs that you have left open in your desktop browser will also be synced so you can access all of the web pages you were looking at regardless of whether you have taken the time to bookmark them.

Once installed, open Firefox Home on your device and enter your sync account data. Xmarks is a cross-browser synchronization tool that supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. DEFINITELY back up your bookmarks before trying XMarks of you are tempted.

First, we could merge Chrome's bookmarks with what's on Xmarks, using Chrome's bookmarks first or using what's on the account. I decided that Xmarks had been unstable enough lately to be troublesome and I really wasn't using it much in Chrome, so I switched over to Firefox Sync about a week and a half ago.

I have been a longtime user of Xmarks when Mozilla decided to quit storing bookmarks and sharing across devices. We suggest readers to switch to the default sync service in your browser. Xmarks works seamlessly across browsers. The next option is for syncing browser history.